I was recently asked to help someone get started with Classical music, and I needed to write this for some of my students so I thought I’d share this here. There are plenty of links throughout (mostly to YouTube) so have a listen. There’s probably so much editing to do here, but it’s useful now and I’ll have to come back to it.

Classical music (in the Western tradition) is the only music I have every really known. Before elementary school I wandered around the house with a portable tape recorder. In middle school, I asked for French Horn as…

The National Academies requested ideas for what undergraduate STEM should look like in 2040. My thoughts (999 words) are below. (Did this quickly the evening it was due so don’t tell me about typos).

Unfortunately, data science curricula teach “Hello World” before prompting students to reflect on their responsibilities in the world.

A biologist/high-school teacher’s aspirations for life-long learning that is inclusive, focused on need, and ethical — bringing STEM to LIFE.

1. Teach how to learn STEM

Problem: as STEM advances more rapidly than ever, students and educators will find it increasingly hard to keep up.

The National Bureau…

Who is this for?

This post compiles suggestions for anyone using Jupyter to do a tutorial — that is, a short (a few minutes, an hour, a day) stand-alone lesson on some topic. Suggestions may apply to longer lessons but this is mostly for people who:

  • Work in science/tech/etc. but who have little to no experience teaching tutorials (there are important differences from teaching a formal class!)
  • Are already planning on teaching the tutorial in Jupyter (not trying to convince you about why you should/shouldn’t use Jupyter — I think it’s great in many, but not all cases)
  • Will be presenting a tutorial in-person…

In October 2018, NIH issued a request for information “on Proposed Provisions for a Draft Data Management and Sharing Policy for NIH Funded or Supported Research.” The purpose of this request was to gather the opinions of members of the scientific community on how NIH-funded research should be made available. As per the request:

NIH has a longstanding commitment to making the results and accomplishments of the research that it funds and conducts available to the public. …

Reinventing Scientific Talent

My submission to NSF 2026 Idea Machine

What is the compelling question or challenge?

As the pace of scientific discovery accelerates exponentially, how will scientists, educators, and other STEM workforce professionals meet the demand for career-long learning?

What do we know now about this Big Idea and what are the key research questions we need to address?

NSF has made significant investments in developing a larger and more diverse pool of STEM talent. However, many of the practices of STEM preparation implicitly assume that professional preparation ends at a terminal degree. While being a life-long learner is…

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